Laser Bacterial Reduction


It has been suggested by the US Surgeon General and proven in many studies that there is a direct link between the bacteria present in gum disease and the resulting chronic inflammation to systemic diseases. Conditions such as heart attacks, stroke, and Alzheimer’s have all been scientifically related to periodontal disease. Poor gum health is detrimental to diabetics, raising their risk of kidney failure and heart disease. Pregnant women with gum disease are more likely to have a preterm or low birth weight baby.

When the gum tissue that surrounds the teeth becomes compromised due to inflammation, they become a portal of entry for bacteria that are present in the periodontal pockets surrounding the teeth.

We now have ability to attack this inflammation using low-level laser energy. The diode laser emits a pulse of light on a non cutting setting that vastly reduces the colonies of bacteria that were once inaccessible.

Laser bacterial reduction is used in conjunction with traditional periodontal therapy to destroy the bacteria and aid in the healing process.

Laser bacterial reduction is a painless procedure performed by one of our highly trained hygienists to more effectively kill the bacteria responsible for the loss of gum attachment and the supporting structures surrounding the teeth.

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